Manual Window, Small Patio & Balcony Retractable Awning


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The Mesa is a manual window, small patio & balcony retractable awning. It is available in a selection of sizes ranging from 3’ to 10’ wide and is perfect for those who want a little shade while taking in a beautiful view in a small space. You have the option to choose additional fabric which comes in a variety of colors. Simple but practical, this retractable awning will elevate your viewing experience.



  • Mesa- Heavy Duty Standard Window Retractable Awning


  • Beauty-Mark® brand by Marvelawnings
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Size and Projections

  • 3′ to 10′ Wide with 24″, 30″, 36″, and 48″ Projections

Motor/ Manual Options

  • manual retraction- Yes
  • motor retraction- No


  • Valance- removable 7″ Sahara style
  • rocker arm/ crank handle
  • instruction manual provided
  • installation anchors are not provided


  • 100% solution dyed acrylic
  • water, fade, and mildew resistant
  • see swatch tab for color options


  • structural steel and aluminum frame, powder coated in white
  • spring loaded arms


  • 100% assembled and ready to install
  • standard wall mount types
  • tools required- electric drill, adjustable wrench, philips and hex screw drivers, tape measure, level, and ladder

3D Viewer


Please DO NOT accept delivery of the awning without inspecting it for damages. If upon inspection you find that the awning is damaged, allow the item to return and immediately call Marvelawnings at 800-617-8457.

Please make sure to plan accordingly for delivery of the awning our shipping service is curb side onlyThis means the driver is under no obligation to move the awning any further than the curb of your home or apartment.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product and better serve our customers. Please email, with ideas, images, and suggestions. We would be happy to receive your feedback.

Ordering Notes: For delivery purposes, please provide a phone number so the delivery driver can call when your order is ready to be delivered. If you do not feel comfortable providing that information, you may call Marvelawnings at 800-617-8457 to check on delivery dates, times or changes to your order.


Frame Warranty

  • 1 Year limited parts warranty for any manufacturing defects only and will not cover labor

Fabric Warranty

  •  1 Year limited

Refer to the warranty link in the Documentation tab for more warranty details. 

Refund Policy

n order to get full refund, please return the item(s) to us in their original packing in unopened and undamaged condition, with all original tags/labels attached along with proof of purchase within Seven (7) days from date of receipt of items(s) at your end


Shipping Policy. Domestic orders (within US) would be processed within 2 working days and shipped through a domestic courier company. Most orders are delivered within 10 days from the date of invoice.


Measuring Guide

Charleston, Dallas Retro, Houstonian, Mesa New Yorker, San Francisco, Santa Fe Savannah

  • F – 4″ Minimum Mounting Space Required Above Window or Swinging Door.
  • A – 0” Maximum Drop Over Out-Swinging Door (for awnings less than 3” deep)
  • A – 10” Maximum Drop Over Out-Swinging Door (for awnings 3” deep or greater)
  • A – Except for entries with Out-Swinging doors, the drop is a personal prefernce. Hint: The greater the drop = more energy savings but less interior light.
  • C – For entries with low overhead clearance (low roof lines) please see items designated “Low Roof Line Entry Awning”
  • D – Every awning is 4.5″ wider than the window/door size it is representing (B). This is for mounting purposes. (Example : 3” San Francisco is actually 40.5” wide)
  • G – Valance Height (Residential = 6”, 7” / Commercial = 8”, 10”)
  • E – Height Measurements INCLUDE Valance in the measurements for all awnings.


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