Maui LX

Maui LX


Heavy-Duty Manual or Motorized Retractable Awning

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The Maui LX Retractable Awning is available in the manual and motorized form.  It is a heavy duty awning that can withstand strong winds and other harsh weather conditions that may occur. This awning includes a remote control that you can use to adjust it to your liking. It is available in an assortment of colors with the option to add additional fabric. You also have the option to select valence type, crank type, and mount type. Additional accessories include a remote wind sensor, breeze supports, and a winter cover.

Additional information

Fabric Color

Almond/Cream, Black, Black Pinstripe, Black/Tan, Black/White, Blue Bright, Blue Bright/Gray/White, Blue Bright/White, Blue Dusty, Blue Dusty Multi, Blue Dusty/Tan-Wide, Brown, Brown/Linen/Terra, Brown/Tan, Brown/Tan/White, Burgundy, Burgundy Pinstripe, Burgundy/Cream, Burgundy/Forest /Tan, Burgundy/Gray/White, Burgundy/Tan, Burgundy/Tan Multi, Burgundy/Tan-Wide, Forest, Forest/Tan, Forest/White, Gun Metal, Gun/Gray/White, Gray Light, Gray/Black/Cream, Gray/White, Linen, Linen/Almond/White, Linen Pinstripe, Linen/White, Navy, Navy/Gray/White, Oatmeal Tweed, Olive/Tan, Red Bright, Red/White, Sage, Sage/Linen/Cream, Tan, Tan/Teal, Taupe, Terra Cotta, Terra/Tan, White, White/Tan/Terra, Yellow Light, Yellow Light/Terra, Yellow Light/Gray, Yellow Light/White


5' Wide x 3' Projection, 8' Wide x 7' Projection, 10' Wide x 8' Projection, 12' Wide x 10' Projection, 14' Wide x 10' Projection, 14' Wide x 11' Projection, 14' Wide x 12' Projection, 16' Wide x 10' Projection, 16' Wide x 11' Projection, 16' Wide x 12' Projection, 18' Wide x 10' Projection, 18' Wide x 11' Projection, 18' Wide x 12' Projection, 20' Wide x 10' Projection, 20' Wide x 11' Projection, 20' Wide x 12' Projection, 24' Wide x 10' Projection, 24' Wide x 11' Projection, 24' Wide x 12' Projection



  • Maui LX- Heavy Duty Manual/Motorized Retractable Patio Awning
  • Patio style
  • Beauty-Mark Brand by Marvelawnings
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Available Sizes:
  • 5′ Width with 3’ Projection
  • 10′ Width with 8’ Projection
  • 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 24′ Widths with 10’ Projections
  • 14′, 16′, 18′ Widths are available in 11′ and 12′ Projections
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Heavy- duty professional grade
  • Structural steel and aluminum frame powder coated in a clean white color for rust prevention
  • Multi-chamber lateral arms that include dual stainless steel cables inside
  • Awnings are not designed for use during inclement weather, including light rain
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 30 mph


  • Beauty-Mark Brand
  • Available Colors: Please see swatch tab for color options
  • Acrylic is the number one fabric of choice for outdoor weather endurance
  • 100% woven in solution dyed acrylic anti-microbial yarns
  • Treated with UV and water resistant coatings
  • Acrylic fabric prevents color fading and mildew

Motorized and/or Manual:

  • Manual Retraction – Yes (standard)
  • Motorized Retraction- Yes (optional)


  • Designed for any wall, soffit, and roof mount applications


  • Product comes assembled and ready to install
  • Number of Installers Required: 2 or more (depending on width)
  • Installation Clearance: 10 in. H x W of the awning
  • Installation Time: 1-2 Hours (varies with size)
  • Tools Required: electric drill, adjustable wrench, Philips and hex screw drivers, tape measure, level, ladder


  • Instruction Manual
  • Maui  LX Valance-10 inch removable valance that can be stored away in the winter season
  • Rocker arm/crank handle for manual option
  • Remote control for motorized option
  • Standard, powder coated, steel wall mount brackets
  • Worm gear 11:1
  • Installation anchors and bolts are not provided
  • Optional accessories: soffit and roof mount brackets, winter cover, breeze supports. These can be purchased separately in accessories.

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Applicable for awnings manufactured at Awntech Corporation

  • Awning Warranty
  • 5 year Pro-rated* awning warranty
  • 5 year Pro-rated* fabric warranty
  • 5 year Pro-rated* frame warranty
  • 1 year limited warranty on the lateral arms
  • 1 year limited warranty for all electronics and will apply only for replacement parts

Refer to the warranty link in the documentation tab for more warranty details.


3-4 week delivery during busy season (US spring and summer months)

2-3 week delivery during off season

Freight shipping for all retractable awnings

Shipping permitted only to USA and Canada

Shipping for custom orders varies



Please DO NOT accept delivery of the awning without inspecting it for damages. If upon inspection you find that the awning is damaged, allow the item to return and immediately call Marvelawnings at 800-617-8457.

Please make sure to plan accordingly for delivery of the awning our shipping service is curb side onlyThis means the driver is under no obligation to move the awning any further than the curb of your home or apartment.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product and better serve our customers. Please email, with ideas, images, and suggestions. We would be happy to receive your feed back.

Ordering Notes: For delivery purposes, please provide a phone number so the delivery driver can call when your order is ready to be delivered. If you do not feel comfortable providing that information, you may call Marvelawnings at 800-617-8457 to check on delivery dates, times or changes to your order.


Measuring Guide

Maui, Destin
Galveston, Hampton, California


  • A – Measure the length od wall space you have available. Then choose from one of our standard widths.
  • B – 10” Min Clear Horizontal Mounting Space (must be clear space for full length of awning).
  • C – 80” Minimum Height from floor to Bottom of Awning (*ft. is Ideal).
  • D – Projection (distance Available to you from wall to end of your awning).
  • Valance Height – 10”, Valance Style – Sahara.
  • AdjustablePitch – 0” pitch to 24” pitch (front bar).