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The Chicago is a fixed awning that is ideal for wider windows.  This type of awning will give your windows a chic look while also lowering your electricity bill since it will protect your home from harsh weather that tends to disrupt the temperature inside. You have the option to add additional fabric and a valence.  Additional fabric is available in an assortment of colors and lengths.  Awning sizing ranges from 31’ to 58’ in height.


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Refund Policy

n order to get full refund, please return the item(s) to us in their original packing in unopened and undamaged condition, with all original tags/labels attached along with proof of purchase within Seven (7) days from date of receipt of items(s) at your end


Shipping Policy. Domestic orders (within India) would be processed within 2 working days and shipped through a domestic courier company. Most orders are delivered within 10 days from the date of invoice.


Measuring Guide

Bostonian & Chicago


  • Hint if you wish to have your Bostonian awning come down over the window (A). Purchase one sie larger than your window size. this will require less overhead clearance(C).
  • C – Bostonian Series awnings require a greater amount of overhead clearance (C) than other awnings. the formula for C is (E minus value for #1, #2 or #3 below).
  • #1 A – 13” Maximum Drop (frame) Allowed for Window or in-swinging Door
  • #2 A – 0” Maximum Drop Over Out- Swinging Door (for awnings less than 3′ deep)
  • #3 A – 7” Maximum Drop Over Out- Swinging Door (for awnings less than 3′ deep or greater)
  • D – Every awning is 4.5” winder than the window size it is representing. This is for mounting purposes. (Example 3′ Bostanian is actually 40.5” wide).


  • C – Chicago Series awnings require agreater amount of overhead clearance than other awnings. The formula for C ic (E minus value for #4, #5 or #6 below)
  • #4 F – 6” Minimum Mounting Space Required Above Window or in-swinging Door.
  • #5 A – 13” Maximum Drop Allowed for Window or in-swing Door.
  • #6 A – 0” Maximum Drops Over Out-Swinging Door (for awnings less than 3” deep).
  • A – 7″ Maximum Drop Over Out-Swinging Door (For awnings 3′ deep or greater) (#6).
  • D – Every awning is 4.5” wider than the window size it it representing. This is mounting is actually 40.5 purposes. (Example: 3 ” Chicago ” is actually 40.5 ” wide )