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General Awnings, Custom Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Fixed Awnings for sale online in the United States

We want to provide the best awnings for our customers. Whatever awning you may need we have covered. We want to be able to be your one stop shop for awnings. No matter the building or occasion, we want to be the one to be able to grant your wishes. We understand that our customers look for practicality and not just style so we offer motorized retractable awnings and fixed awnings for those customers who want to remove their awning due to changes in the seasons. We take pride in learning what our customers want from us and that is why we have created an extended selection to choose from for our customers. You are our number one priority and that is why we ensure that your satisfaction is our primary goal.

We want to be able to grow as a company and we know that we can’t do it without our customers. Each and every customer is valued here at Marvel Awnings. As our customer, you are not just another order, you are someone who has put their trust in us to deliver you the highest of quality items with quality materials. We have also purposely made certain that we offer a variety of materials to better match your space. We want your level of satisfaction to be high enough for you to want to return or tell your friends about your enjoyable purchasing experience here with us.

We would be honoured to help your family and friends should they also require help purchasing our products. Whether they need door awnings, deck awnings, metal awnings, aluminium awnings for home, or front door awnings, we have them covered too.

Why use Awnings?

Awnings are used to prevent light from entering a home or business. This prevents furniture and flooring from receiving sun damage and keeps heating and cooling costs low. Awnings can be permanent or retractableNot every awning is made alike, and each application is different. Maybe you want to shade a deck that gets intense sun at the end of the day, just as you’re winding down and firing up the grill. Or, you might want awnings over windows or doors that generate extreme heat in the morning hours, requiring the air conditioner to operate nearly all day.

Types include:

  • Patio or deck cover shade cloths or sails

  • Retractable freestanding awnings

  • Retractable side arm/drop-arm awnings

  • Retractable canopy awnings

  • Retractable vertical drop awnings

  • Retractable patio cover systems

Special Fabrics

While most are solid colors or patterns, awnings are available in various fabrics and styles to complement the architecture of your home.

For those who desire their awnings to stand out, choose bright or contrasting tones to your house’s exterior. If you lean toward subtlety or don’t want the awnings to be a focal point, consider choosing colors that blend in with the colors of your house, its trim or accents. Awning extras like contrasting trim, scallops, keyhole valences and tassels can brighten up an otherwise-drab exterior.

Historic awning coverings can be replicated using dyed acrylics and acrylic-coated polyester-cotton blended fabrics. Resembling traditional canvas, these newer materials provide more strength and durability. Since they are woven (rather than colors and stripes painted on the surface), these fabrics are strong and let light to filter through while blocking heat. They also dry quickly, reduce mildew, and contain a UV inhibitor.